Edmund teaches into a number of subjects in the mechanical engineering degree at QUT.  Below is a summary of some subject Edmund currently teaches into as well as previous subject Edmund has been involved in.

Currrent Teaching

  • EGB211: Dynamics

    Dynamics is a second year mechanical engineering subject. This course incorporates concepts of dynamics in the context of real engineering systems. The basic principles for dynamics of particles and rigid bodies in 2D are introduced and discussed as related problems within various engineering systems.

  • EGB314: Strength of materials

    Strength of materials is a second year material mechanics subject for mechanical engineers. The subject explores the mechanics of common engineering structures, as well as explores 2D and 3D stress analysis.

  • ENB313: Automatic control

    Automatic control is an advanced subject for third and fourth year mechanical engineering students. The subject explores control systems, modelling, controllers, and many other topics.

  • EGBH14: Stress analysis

    Stress analysis is an advanced material mechanics subject targeted at third year mechanical engineering students. Covered topics including: 3D stress, failure criteria, finite element analysis.

Teaching History

  • Engineering mechanics
  • Energy in engineering systems
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Heating, ventilation and mechanical
  • Advanced dynamics